Terms of Use


  1. The owner of the site www.lull.com.pl hereinafter Store, is Zofia Zemełka.
  2. The activity is registered at the address: ul. Wolności 11, 32-100 Proszowice , Poland, NIP: 682-114-91-08.
  3. LULL is a party to the contractual sale to be concluded with the client and is listed on the account as a seller of products ordered by Customer.
  4. Shop operates by the sale of goods over the Internet. A condition for orders in the store is to fill in the order form with personal data and address.
  5. ‘Customer’ is a person or company / institution who completed the registration form.
  6. It is assumed that the Customer is aware of the rules of these regulations and by placing an order accepts the conditions of purchase.
  7. Customer who places a single order in the store does not have to set an account or log in but only to fill in the order form.
  8. Customer who owns their own account benefits from having a direct access to the history of the ordered products and the ability to store the selected products for a few days. Customer making the purchase is required to complete, and consistently with the facts fill all the fields marked as mandatory. Failure to comply will be considered a waiver of registration and the purchase.
  9. By placing the order in the store, the Customer agrees to use the personal data given in an order form to the extent necessary to fulfil your order and complete all necessary procedures. Shop undertakes not to disclose any personal information about its Customers to third parties, both the address information and e-mail addresses, for purposes not related to the execution of the contract.


  1. Store offers LULL apparel.
  2. Products available in the store are brand-new and free from defects.
  3. Store makes every effort to ensure that it presents pictures and descriptions consistent with the true qualities of the products.
  4. Exhibitors collaborating with Store endeavour to make their offer credible and current.
  5. Store reserves the right to cancel or reduce part of the offer, organise and cancel promotions and changes in assortment and prices of goods without stating a reason.
  6. Store reserves the right to change prices of goods on offer. This right is also available to the exhibitors who are associated with the Store and own the products on offer. Price change does not apply to already placed orders.
  7. Store reserves the right to temporarily disable access to the site www.lull.com.pl due to technical and organizational reasons, or the total cessation of activity, with no responsibility for any harm resulting from these actions.


  1. Ordered products will be accepted first come. Orders can be placed 24 hours a day all year round. Orders placed on weekdays after hours. 16.00, on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays will be considered from the morning of the next working day.The contract is considered valid only if the order form was properly completed by the client and sent to the company through the required means and mechanisms.
  2. The process of making the purchase is as follows: * The customer places an order in our Store. * The customer chooses a delivery and payment method. * Store verifies the correctness of the order and sends the client an email confirmation to the registered email address, informing the client of a dispatch and delivery date (verification is regarded by: checking customer data accuracy, checking a list of products ordered, checking payments made). * In the case of overlapping of orders placed at the same time, orders will be processed chronologically. About any subsequent changes, Customer will be informed immediately by e-mail or phone
  3. Customer can make any changes to the order until the order acknowledgement is issued and sent. The Customer can also withdraw the order before it is confirmed by the store. In case of the payment already made the Store refunds the money paid deducted by bank and admin charges.
  4. The order is cancelled in case of lack of credit/debit card authorisation or not receiving the payment by the Store within 7 working days from placing the order.
  5. Upon confirmation of the payment received or credit/debit card authorisation, the client receives an e-mail informing of the acceptance of the order.
  6. The store reserves the right to refuse an order, which contains incomplete data, such as an incorrect shipping address, no email address required to complete the contract. Also, the order that is not paid within 7 working days of their submission will be considered invalid and will not be processed unless individual arrangements between the Client and the Store will state otherwise.
  7. The average delivery time in our shop is 7-10 working days from the receiving the payment/card authorisation.
  8. Due to a number of unusual products offered, the store can extend the delivery deadline which will be arranged with the client.
  9. Delivery of goods is via UPS (the shipping company).
  10. At special request of the Customer product can be delivered on Saturday. This service is a subject to an additional fee. In order to determine the details, please contact us by phone or email.
  11. The purchased products can be shipped abroad. In this case, the client is required to contact the Store by email in order to arrange the delivery. Shipping cost and delivery time will be agreed individually with the client.
  12. Client should check the condition of the package in the presence of a courier/delivery person before signing the receipt. If the item is damaged or there are any traces of opening, the client should take up appropriate steps in accordance with the relevant regulation of the delivery company. Otherwise claims of damage to goods in transit will not be accepted.
  13. All kinds of delays in delivery and non-compliance with the contract, as well as damage caused during transport should be reported to the Store owner by the Customer.
  14. If the ordered and dispatched item is not collected by the Customer, the Customer will be charged for the return of undelivered consignment [because of the Decree of the Minister of Infrastructure of 9 January 2004. on the conditions for the exercise of universal postal service in § 37 provides that the activities connected with the return shipment of registered or postal order to the sender (after exhausting the possibility of customer service or release) the fee charged] and re-shipment. In the case of the return shipment to the Store and the impossibility of contacting the customer, the item will be stored for one month. After this period the contents of the order shall be forfeited to the Shop, and the money already paid will be refunded.


  1. The customer has the right to return purchased goods within 14 days of purchase for any reason.
  2. In this case the client sends back the item covering all postal costs. All returns should be posted to Oboozowa 33/20, 30-383 Krakow, Poland.
  3. The customer will receive a refund, provided that the goods have the original packaging, no signs of use or damage. In case of returns and complaints, please contact the store by e-mail address shop@lull.com.pl The store reserves the right to decline the return of item, where traces of use or damage have been noticed.
  4. Complaints should be submitted by mail or phone, please accurately identify defects and expectations towards the Store. Once an application has been received, the Store have 14 working days to consider the complaint and respond to it. Shop is not liable for any damage caused during transportation. The Customer should therefore inspect the packet before signing the delivery receipt and follow the procedure stated in point 3.11.


  1. Prices of products in Store are in Polish zloty and other currencies. Price presented with a given product is binding for the customer at the time of order. Prices do not include shipping costs, which are dependent on the weight of the product. Shipping charges for each product are determined individually.
  2. This is a document laying down the regulations for the procurement rules in the store. Each customer is obliged to read the Rules of Procedure, and its provisions are binding for the client at the time of his purchase in the store.
  3. The store reserves the right to change these Terms in whole or any part at any time without prior notice. Customer is not bound by those provisions of the Rules that have been changed after the order.
  4. Any questions, suggestions or complaints about the Store should be addressed to: shop@lull.com.pl In matters not covered by the Regulations, the provisions of the Civil Code, as contained in the Act of 2nd March 2000 - The protection of consumer rights and liability for damages caused by dangerous products (Dz.U. nr 22 poz. 271 z późn. zm.).
  5. In matters not covered by these Regulations, the following shall apply: the relevant provisions of the Civil Code and other laws, in particular the Law on Protection of Consumer Rights and Data Protection Act.
  6. Contact address:


Zofia Zemłka
ul. Obozowa 33/20
30-383 Kraków
e-mail: shop@lull.com.pl


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